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Thought of trying your luck in business but the 2020’s pandemic holding you back? Well, here’s five small business ideas to start staying home, staying safe!

Though staying indoors for weeks have made us not less than a sloth to some sort and at this time where social distancing has become a key factor, working from home in 2020 can be worthwhile and fun! Here’s how –

1. Be a freelancer-

There’s a huge demand for freelancing tasks starting from content writing, translation, graphic designing, animation, copywriting, scriptwriting, and what not. Join websites like Fiverr, Crowded, Upwork, and freelancer to get freelancing projects as per your expertise. Build a good relationship with clients and the best part you can Continue it in the future as a part-time job.

2. Make and sell healthcare products-

If you are good at sewing and can work for a good amount of time, you shall try creating masks and gloves in bulk. It is one of the best methods to make a good earning. All you need are sewing machines, cotton fabrics, some leak-proof fabric, needles, and threads. You can sell your homemade products at your nearby stores or online to earn cash.

3. artwork & home crafted items

It is probably the best time to unleash your creativity and flip it into a profession. Try making different products from scratch(less trouble but more fun). You can use different waste products like plastics(the best way to recycle), paper, eggshells, stones, old clothes, etc. And the products you get– dolls, doormats, stone arts, gift baskets, character Eggshells, greeting cards, dreamcatchers, handbags and the list goes on. We can use all these as a source of earning through online sites and social media can also sell your products at your nearby stores.

5 Best small business Ideas to stay home stay empowered in 2020

4. photography at home-

Installation of a photo studio at your home isn’t always difficult. So, if you are a skilled photographer, Home studios can be an excellent commercial business idea for you, All you need is a good quality of light, a tripod, a green screen for chroma, and a DSLR. If you are willing to take a course on photography you can get it online without much problem. Simply visit Udemy, digital photography school, photo. net where the courses are available at a reasonable price.

5. Becoming a YouTuber

It might not be easy as it sounds but is the most considered way to earn yourself. You need to have patience and should have content concerning you and your viewers interest. Nowadays, videos are the best way to grab attention towards your work. Start with the aim of creating unique and focus on what you are best at. Run advertisements in your videos to earn revenue, you can also sell products, services through affiliate programs. This YouTube marketing small home business idea can become your regular revenue platform in future.

5 Best small business Ideas to stay home stay empowered in 2020

Franchise business is a great idea! Tell me about franchise business in India.