top frenchise business in india

Facing too many obstacles while owning a business or thinking of owning one? What if these obstacles weren’t there in the process? Is it actually possible to not encounter fatigue, ambiguity, financial issues or team building problem?Yes, definitely! Here are these perfect franchise businesses that do not have any of the prior mentioned problems.

Tell me about franchise business first-

Not to confuse you with any complicated sentences, it is simply a business where autonomous entrepreneurs are capable of using the rights of a larger company’s business logo, name and run it at an individual location. To make it more clear, Franchiser is the owner of the larger company that sells the rights to license their business and franchisee is the third-party owner and operator of the business locations.

1. Amul franchise

– We all grew up listening to the famous tagline- ‘The taste of India’. No doubt Amul is one of the oldest and most trusted brand when it comes to dairy products. What makes them so successful are their innovative ideas and great marketing strategies; this make them stand in a higher position and could be a great bite at cherry for you to get it’s franchise. For this you will need–
• Atleast 300 square feet plot at a premium location.
• Well designed interiors, well supplied electricity. Also, it is necessary to make it air conditioned considering well maintenance of hygiene of the place.
• Vinyl posters, wall cladding Along with neon sign with AMUL in acrylic letters,etc are certain things that you must consider putting in your Amul outlet. Most importantly, you need to make an investment of at least 2-5 lakhs if you hoping taking the Amul franchise in your locality.

Top 5 franchise business of 2020 in India

2. DTDC Courier Franchise–

This particular service has become one of the most essential commodity nowadays. The services that are provided by DTDC are reliable and trusted the most among us people across the country. It was initiated in 2009 and now a well established to have about more than 5000 partners all over India. It is now one of the rapidly growing industry and the growth figure is about 3 franchise being opened per day. INTERESTING RIGHT? The best part about taking up this franchise is that there’s no pressure of a big investment. A small area of just 10×10 would be enough with around 1.5 lakh of investment cost.

3. First Cry-

I suppose you have heard this name now and then? This brand is getting a lot popular among people with kids. It is a one stop shop for every mother with their child or about to be a mother with their best quality products at an affordable price with wide range of options. The shipment process for online shopping from this brand is absolutely user- friendly and convenient. Costumers are satisfied with every product they purchase and they are actually preferring them over other brand products. Because we all know – ‘Every parents chooses what’s best for their children.’ Therefore, starting first Cry franchise may be a good option for you.
But every good thing is little costly
So, if you are thinking of starting the first Cry franchise you will require an investment approximately 10-15 lakhs in which the Franchiser will provide you with the marketing service apart from the capital you will require for a minimum area space of about 100 Sq. Ft to set up the inventory for the brand products.

4. KFC-

Kentucky Fried Chicken popularly known as KFC which is obviously famous for its fried chicken worldwide was originated in the US in 1939. It’s first franchise opening was in Utah in 1952 and now the chain continues in most countries including india.
KFC is serving more than 12 million customers every day in over 115 countries and operated more than 17,000 stores internationally. You might have got the idea till now that it’s the world largest restaurant company ranked at #201 in the Fortune 500 list.
If you are planning to start this franchise business in India and to be a part of this industry let me tell you, you will require a capital investment of about 1 Crore and minimum area space of about 100 Sq ft.

5. 7-Eleven-

Since the end of the 2018, The boom of 7-Eleven took a leap in India. 7-Eleven Furthering its global growth by signing a franchise settlement with a subsidiary of future Retail Ltd to increase and operate 7-eleven stores in India. You can take advantage of this upcoming opportunity in convenience store sector in India by taking franchise of this huge multinational convenience Store Chain.You can get started within a few months. All you need is to look over some of the aspects.
Franchise fee: 7 lakhs to 70 lakhs
Initial investment: 2.6 lakhs to 7 lakhs
Franchise details: 7-Eleven

7-eleven franchise in India

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